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City Guide: The future of Porto | Business Life

7 outubro

Porto's university has assumed a major role in the transformation. UPTEC, its Science and Technology Park, is the city's prime incubator, currently hosting more than 160 different business projects in various stages of development. Nearby, Porto Design Factory, part of the city's Polytechnic (the largest in Portugal), is an ambitious project aimed at producing a new generation of innovators.

And Porto is now beginning to attract outside talent, helped by its low cost of living and agreeable climate. The fact that the locals almost all speak English and are traditionally a very welcoming bunch also helps. Nuno Veloso, who launched the first of his Porto i/o coworking spaces two years ago, says that when he first opened, his clients were all Portuguese, with the exception of one German. Now around 40 per cent are from abroad.

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