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João Rocha, P.PORTO's new President


The inauguration was also the moment to meet the presidential team.

João Manuel Simões da Rocha's inauguration as P.PORTO President took place on April 4th, at ISEP along with the presence of several academic, civil and diplomatic entities.

As for the Vice-Presidents the members are Barros Oliveira (ISEP), Cristina Pinto da Silva (ISCAP), Henrique Curado (ESS) and Rui Ferreira (ESE).

Marques dos Santos, Chairman of General Council inaugurated the ceremony emphasizing the collaborating role of this entity towards the new presidency, "whose task will be surely difficult but also challenging".

In her last speech, Rosário Gambôa marked P.PORTO as an institution with a high capacity for renovation, construction and hope. "Today we talk about the future as a new cycle arises," emphasizing how the "heritage built during P.PORTO's 33 years is a solid foundation, which allows us to answer and question the future."

João Rocha was ISEP's President for more than a decade and will now be P.PORTO's fourth president, following Luís Soares (1985-2006), Victor Santos (2006-2010) and Rosário Gambôa (2010-2018).