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ESMAE will have a new expanded campus


The contract for the requalification project of builiding D was signed may 17.

Building D, Fábrica, is a project cherished for more than 15 years, aimed at filling the space constraints of the School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE) - "the best artistic school in the Country", emphasizes António Augusto Aguiar , President of ESMAE.

With a unique identity, the School has found serious constraints to the fulfillment of its mission, due to infrastructural limitations. "ESMAE does a Herculean service", says António Augusto Aguiar, because"in a small space we produce a quality work in music and performing arts".

The signing of the contract for the building D requalification project is the first step to begin the enlargement and reformulation of the ESMAE campus, rehabilitating infrastructures, creating new spaces and thus allowing the complete fulfillment of its mission."This is the decisive step to change, improve and have the necessary equipment there," he says.

The complex of infrastructures that constitute Building D present a series of successive constructions of industrial character that make up "a real challenge", says Ilídio Ramos of the architecture office that won the contest. A challenge for its structural functionality and its own interaction with the city.

"The foundations of a 15-year dream start here," concludes the president of P.PORTO, Rosario Gambôa - referring to this long-standing will to fulfill the mission of ESMAE. The formal act of signing the contract was held May 17, in the Hall of Acts of the Politécnico do Porto in the presence of Rosario Gambôa, the architect Ilídio Ramos and the presidents of the Schools.