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First collaboration agreements of FAES 2021 signed


Social Emergency and Support Fund of Polytechnic of Porto(FAES) is an initiative to support to the students and to combat school dropout.

On the 13th of January, the most recent collaboration agreements with students benefiting from the social support and emergency fund (FAES-P. PORTO) and Polytechnic of Porto were signed.

At the ceremony, held in the Common Services Acts Room, there were present the President of the Polytechnic of Porto, João Rocha, The Pro-President Rosa Maria Rocha, with a role in the area of Social Responsibility, as well as the beneficiary students.

Rosa Maria Rocha justified the importance of this project, stressing that “reasons of economic fragility cannot be an obstacle for our students to pursue their objectives and obtain the necessary skills to enter the job market”.

“The Support and Social Emergency Fund of the Polytechnic of Porto (FAES-P. PORTO) was created in a much-needed time by the current presidency, having contributed to the reduction of school dropouts due to the reasons of economic need.” The Pro-President also adds that “ its added value is recognized by civil society, with the number of MECENAS increasing. "

The FAES-P.PORTO inserts itself in a broader program of actions in context of the Social Responsibility of the Polytechnic of Porto, and the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), with the aim of contributing, decisively, for a comprehensive training for all.