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European project proposes paradigm shift in mathematics education


A team of European researchers led by ISEP is working on DrIVE-MATH, whose main objective is to change the current paradigm of mathematics teaching in Engineering courses

The project officially started on September 1 of this year and extends until August 31, 2020. It has an ERASMUS + Education and Training Program grant, worth more than 288 thousand euros. DrIVE-MATH intends to develop new teaching-learning methodologies of mathematics, so one of the main aims is to change the traditional teaching by telling approach.

The main objective is to create an innovative and integrated teaching / learning framework, based on active learning, using hands-on, problem-based learning, eduScrum, Jigsaw, among others , as learning tools. In this context, it is proposed that students be an active part in their own learning process and be able to solve real-world engineering problems. "In this methodology, students are an integral part of the teaching-learning process, developing creativity, analytical thinking, critical and initiative spirit, communication between peers and the community", explains the teacher of the Department of Mathematics (DMA) Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP) and project coordinator, Carla Pinto.

The working group, which also includes ISEP teachers, Susana Nicola and Jorge Mendonça, provides, among other aspects, the creation of the following benefits: presentation of alternative solutions for teaching-learning in mathematics; the adaptation of the curricular materials in the engineering courses, as well as the creation of new didactic contents for the task of teaching this area of knowledge.

In addition, the "overall goal is to create a new engineer profile that is capable of responding to the demands and challenges of an ever-changing labor market," adds Carla Pinto.