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Espaço IRIS inauguration


As part of its collaboration with IRIS - Regional Incubator of Social Innovation project, P.PORTO inaugurated, on January 6, the new space dedicated to social entrepreneurship in the Northern Region.

Porto Polytechnic (P.PORTO), the European Investment Bank Institute (IBEI) and PortusPark - Association of Porto Science and Technology Park (APCTP) - promoters of the Regional Social Innovation Incubator (IRIS) - inaugurated, In the afternoon of January 6, the Espaço IRIS, located at number 94 of Marquês de Pombal Square, Porto.

IRIS arises in the context of the protocol of collaboration between Polytechnic of Porto and APCTP with the objective of promoting social innovation in the Northern Region, through the creation of training measures and support to projects that create social impact, with a view to the positive contribution that these actions make, not only for the growth of the Region, but also for the development of transversal competences of the students and community of P.PORTO, assuming itself as an innovative response in a higher education context.

"This partnership, which is currently embodied in these facilities, should be extended by a constant and permanent presence in the eight schools of Polytechnic of Porto. We see innovation as a fundamental area for any Higher Education Institution (HEI) and we have a policy that fits very well with the social innovation that IRIS has been trying to implement in Tâmega e Sousa ", summarizes João Rocha, President of P.PORTO. As an incubator for capturing ideas, projects and supporting the creation, development and acceleration of innovation and social entrepreneurship programs, the IRIS project supports and develops effective solutions to serious and neglected social and / or environmental problems. 

Polytechnic of Porto assumes the crucial mission of social innovation and therefore the creation and collaboration of measures that constitute real catalysts for regional progress in the most diverse areas. This protocol with APCTP will thus be a fruitful partnership in creating an ecosystem that fosters social innovation and development in the region. Promotion activities will be developed in the area, such as training for students and other community members, seeking to enhance civic involvement and the creation of projects with real social impact.

"In addition to enhancing the work of IRIS, this partnership enables our students to be trained in diverse skills and the ability to access social innovation projects that enable them not only to perform better on their educational path, but above all to be able to present solutions to problems that exist, actively collaborating in the development of a fairer society, more balanced and able to respond to social problems ", explains João Rocha. "We place great hope in this collaboration," he concludes.