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P.PORTO's Anniversary gathered generations on stage


Casa da Música hosted, on February 24th, the Gala of the 32nd anniversary of Polytechnic of Porto.

Polytechnic of Porto celebrated its 32nd birthday on February 25th, but it was the day before, on Friday the 24th, that the celebration took place, in a long party that began in the gardens of the School of Education (ESE) and ended at Casa da Música.

More than 200 students, teachers and staff from the eight Schools answered to the challenge proposed during the month of February and gathered at 11:30 in the ESE's garden. The goal was the realization of # LogoHumano32, the large-scale construction of the institution's corporate brand.

From 9:30 p.m. took place the formal moment of celebration at Casa da Música, with music, theater, poetry and even illusionism. All under the common sign of P.PORTO.

"The Polytechnic has grown, is more adult," said the president of P.PORTO, "is more aware of itself, and knows what it wants." This maturity, adds Rosario Gambôa, comes from a strong sense of unity. "We are a great institution that, although open and plural, identifies itself as one and cohesive."

This unit was avenged at the Commemorative Gala, where the talent of generations of alumni, students and several teachers, especially the School of Music, Arts and Entertainment, animated the stage of the Sala Suggia. From the ESMAE Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestro António Saiote; to a quintet formed by figures like Pedro Burmester, António Augusto Aguiar, Victor Vieira, Jorge Alves and Filipe Quaresma; the award-winning illusionist Helder Guimarães; passing through Teatro Frio and the Galandum Galundaina (among others); all brought the good news that past, present and future are matters of work and permanent business card of the Polytechnic of Porto.

The gala was also an opportunity to award: the Distinction Awards for 20 years of Service and Dedication, Student-Worker Merit Scholarship (Santander) and Merit Study Grant (DGES).

32 years of history, growth and cohesion, whose fundamental capital, adds Rosario Gambôa, "allowed us to get here, to have grown, to know the outside, revealed, positioned in the country and in the city." And this is "surely a reason for us all, to feel happy and satisfied."