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P.PORTO teacher presents report in English Parliament


Daniela Coimbra, professor at ESMAE, P.PORTO school of Arts, will be in Westminster for the presentation of a report from which she was an academic consultant for two years.

Next Tuesday, 15 October, the results of the Durham Commission on Creativity will be presented in London. It is a report commissioned by the Arts Council to assess the role of creativity in several sectors of society as a means of enhancing social cohesion, well-being and technological and artistic development.

Daniela Coimbra, professor at the School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE) and president of the School's Technical-Scientific Council, was one of the three academic consultants for this project and the only non-resident guest in the UK. Her experience in the field of Music Psychology and Education was considered as an added value for this project, which counted on experts from different quarters and latitudes.

The committee to which the teacher took part was responsible for designing the research methodology for the study, which sought to find ways in the education system to increase children's and young people's capacity for creativity. After two years of work, the report will be presented to parliamentarians in Westminster by Sir Nicholas Serota, president of the Arts Council.