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ESMAD with Undergraduate Degree in Photography


The School of Media Arts and Design of P.PORTO opened a Degree in Photography, an investment in its training offer for the academic year 2018/2019.

The study cycle in Photography aims at the qualified training of artists and photographers endowed with skills and critical ability to develop the photographic discourse in its various aspects, both professional and copyrighted. It is based on a strong practical component that enables the acquisition of technical skills and encourages experimentation and author development.

The theoretical component aims to develop the discursive and critical capacities, as well as a historical and political consciousness, that encourages students to an innovative and challenging practice. Faced with the successive transformations in the field of image and, therefore, in the paradigms of photography, the course presents a wide range of curricular units that allow the transdisciplinarity between photography and areas that allow the exploration of other media and formats that are fundamental for a contemporary photographic discourse supported by the indispensable technical support and by infrastructures and equipment of high quality.

Objectives: - To encourage the study and provide the necessary tools so that the student has the capacity to develop, at a theoretical and practical level, professional projects with a wide range of technical and artistic specificities;

- To provide a space to reflect and problematize on the implications involved in the thought, execution, dissemination and commercialization of photographic images;

- To encourage critical dialogue that promotes in students the ability to argue about their work;

- To stimulate the execution of practical work of Photography, including experimental work, starting from research methodologies anchored in the professional and artistic reality;

- To provide the student with the ability to reflect in a thorough and systematized manner on the concepts and techniques used in the various aspects of photography;

- To apply the technical and artistic knowledge of photographic production in the creation of images in specific professional areas;

- To provide skills that allow graduates to continue for the second cycle in related areas.