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Sharing at mealtime, now online


Encouraged by P.PORTO, the initiative Sharing at mealtime continues, now in a virtual space, in a partnership with the Alumni Office, the SAS and GIAP

The initiative Sharing at mealtime returns now in a different format. This joint activity of the Alumni Office, the Social Action Services (SAS) of P.PORTO and the Academic and Professional Integration Office (GIAP) is intended to find an informal meeting point for debate, conversation and sharing with the community of the Polytechnic of Porto.

And what better meeting point than at mealtime, a space where good conversations are always held and so many times good and new ideas.

As the set the measures taken to contain the spread of COVID-19 prevents the physical meeting, the Polytechnic of Porto uses digital means for carrying out the program, which includes 5 base areas of intervention: get to know better our association leaders better; share challenges and suggestions on study skills; learn new habits of nutrition and well-being; discuss the value of transversal skills in today's labour market; and learn from the professional experience of a P.PORTO graduate. All this informally, at mealtime, even if in a virtual space.

The meeting takes place here. We're counting on you!

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Monday (4pm) – Associativism

President of the Academic Federation of Porto (FAP)

Tuesday (11am) - Study Skills

Time Management

Wednesday (4pm) - Nutrition

Food and Wellness

Thursday (11am) - Cross-cutting Skills and Employability

 I'm finishing the degree, and now?

Friday (4pm) - Sharing Experiences with Former Students

Alumni - Pedro Paulo from Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo (ESHT)