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Scientific Repository reaches 3 million downloads


RECIPP collects, organizes, disseminates and preserves the scientific production of P.PORTO, whenever possible in full text and always in open access

Since 2013, Polytechnic of Porto has made available a Scientific Repository, organized in eight collections, which aggregate the intellectual production of the different Schools and Research Centers. The platform preserves the scientific and intellectual production of the institution, while providing it, in most cases in free access, contributing to its diffusion.

There are 11,122 documents, ranging from theses, articles, books, dissertations, reports and some patents. The interest generated by the intellectual production of P.PORTO has progressed, as can be seen in the year 2018 by the daily average of 2,519 downloads per day, a number that has been growing significantly in the first months of 2019.

"We reached three million of downloads, "says Manuel Brandão, coordinator of the platform, a result that is due" to the good level of scientific production of P.PORTO community and to the effort of the librarians of each school "Our Repository has interoperability with CienciaVitae and ORCID and , through these with other platforms.

As a matter of curiosity the documents with most access are from the area of accounting and management, engineering and health and the most accessed document has 52,719 downloads.

The DSpace produced at MIT - Massuchets Institute of Technology, is the basis of the platform, ensuring its development and a continuous implementation of new functionalities. Hosted on the FCT-FCCN servers, which guarantees its development, RECIPP is accessed by users from all over the world, predominantly Portugal, Brazil. and United States. Only in 2017, the Web of Science counted 8,535 citations of scientific articles of P.PORTO.