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Testimonials of P.PORTO Finalists 2016/17


Four questions, one school year and thousands of memories.

Ana Margarida Pinho
Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto
Degree in Electrotechnical Engeneering – Energie Electric Sistems

  1. Why did you choose P.PORTO?
  2. What makes ISEP unique?
  3. What changed the most since your first to your last school year?
  4. One idea or advice for the ones who come to ISEP?


  1. I chose P.PORTO because it belongs to the city of Porto and also because it has schools with high reputation and potential, forming quality professionals.
  2. The fact that it is always available to help students on a wide range of topics.
  3. Undoubtedly, my greatest growth as a person took place during these three years in which I belonged to P.PORTO. I grew up as a person and became a professional capable of overcoming the challenges of the future.
  4. Take advantage of every second they belong to higher education, especially this large house that is P.PORTO and seize all the opportunities it offers in terms of complementary training.


Ana Rita Macedo Ferreira
Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto
Degree in Translation and Advisory

  1. Why did you choose P.PORTO?
  2. What makes ISCAP unique?
  3. What changed the most since your first to your last school year?
  4. One idea or advice for the ones who come to ISCAP?


  1. I chose P.PORTO for a number of reasons, but mainly because the course program in question was more comprehensive and because after a one-year university teaching experience, I thought polytechnic teaching would be more practical, which I find extremely interesting since it is Easier to learn by doing.
  2. The proximity between teachers and students is very positive and there is always someone available to help.
  3. A lot of things! My first year at ISCAP was for adaptation and in the second year I started participating in various projects and activities. Now, in the last year, after a semester of Erasmus, I still give more value to ISCAP and I feel sad to have to leave because no doubt that once “Iscapiano”, forever “Iscapiano”.
  4. Do not waste time. Those are three years that pass flying, taking advantage of all the opportunities that ISCAP gives you, from associations, conferences, possibility to prepare for events, mobility programs, etc. Enjoy!

Salomé Uribe
Escola Superior de Educação
Degree in Social Education

  1. Why did you choose P.PORTO?
  2. What makes ESE unique?
  3. What changed the most since your first to your last school year?
  4. One idea or advice for the ones who come to ESE?


  1. I chose P.PORTO, in particular ESE, because it was the only public institution in Porto that offered the possibility of enrolling in the Social Education course.
  2. I think what makes it unique are the bridges between teachers and students with all that this proximity implies, that is, both the positive side and the negative side of the narrower interpersonal relations.
  3. What has changed most is the deepening of my critical spirit, the relativization of problems and needs, and the way I relate to others.
  4. First, that there are alternatives to a course that involves merging with practice; Secondly, to take care of the coherence between behaviors and attitudes and the values, practices and ideologies that they defend, above all because when we become part of an education school there is an increased responsibility in terms of civic/social participation; Thirdly, to take advantage of the resources, knowledge and challenges that flourish in this context, seeking to stimulate the critical spirit and not forget to mediate the academic experience with the staff. I want to say that they do not forget to live, live in a more practical, informal, without submitting to all academisms because (and now I cliché) life is two days and it is always good to remember that if the world ended tomorrow, they would have made, within the conditions, the choices that would make them happier.


Miguel Bastos
Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo
Degree in Music – Composition

  1. Why did you choose P.PORTO?
  2. What makes ESMAE unique?
  3. What changed the most since your first to your last school year?
  4. One idea or advice for the ones who come to ESMAE?


  1. I chose the P.PORTO because I wanted to study at ESMAE. I was still in high school when I decided to study composition. It was in this year that I began to take classes in Analysis and Composition Techniques at the music school where I studied, in which I had as teachers two former students and current ESMAE teachers. Therefore, in addition to the good reputation of the school and, in particular, the composition course, both were personally recommended to me and there was this element of continuity of my academic course. For more I am from Porto and the location of the school, as well as its connection to the city, were also important factors.
  2. There are several things that make ESMAE unique, starting with its location in the center of Porto, which allows us to easily get anywhere and enjoy the city when we have free time. The school has a very complete educational offer and the faculty is international and very diverse, both in the different academic and life paths, as well as in the various practices and ways of making music. Combining this with the exchange programs, such as the Erasmus + program, which gave me the opportunity to study a year in the Czech Republic, and with the closeness and collaboration with Casa da Música, links are created with the international music scene, Especially the European music scene, which are extremely important when we live in a peripheral country. Through the school and Casa da Música, every year I had the opportunity to contact renowned composers and musicians, whose music and work I had until then only studied in books, scores and recordings, or in class context. Then the internal dynamics of the school community itself is very sui generis. There is plenty of room for socializing and informal cohabitation without major social or other barriers allows for unusual closeness among students, teachers and staff.
  3. I remember the first contacts I had with ESMAE. He was dazzled by the school environment, listening to music coming from all sides, the rooms always full of people studying. On the one hand, I felt at home, on the other hand, I was a bit intimidated by such novelty and, I confess, intimidated by the teachers. Now I know the songs to the house! The teachers who initially commanded respect are now practically my friends. Their help was essential in my preparation for the post-graduation phase, since I chose to study abroad and their knowledge and contacts, as well as the advice they gave me, were invaluable. The time I spent at ESMAE gave me the opportunity to meet people who were absolutely inspirational, who completely changed my life, and gave me the opportunity to make friends who, besides being wonderful people, are highly competent musicians with whom I will have the Privilege to live and work in the future.
  4. Be proactive and do not let the necessary and endless hours of individual study and work isolate you from the most enriching work you can do, which is in conjunction with your colleagues. There's a lot more space for creative projects than they might at first sight, and that's worth doing. Take initiative, reserve the Café Concerto Francisco Beja, have your own ideas and put them into practice.



Telma Mendes
Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão
Degree in Business Sciences

  1. Why did you choose P.PORTO?
  2. What makes ESTG unique?
  3. What changed the most since your first to your last school year?
  4. One idea or advice for the ones who come to ESTG?


  1. The P.PORTO is a dynamic structure that shows itself capable of integrating the changes of the business world in its curricular plans. Before opting for P.PORTO I analyzed other alternatives and, in my decision, the contents and structure of the Degree in Business Sciences offered by ESTG prevailed. After analyzing all the options, I found that P.PORTO is concerned with its continuous improvement having a unique way of interconnecting the institutions that constitute it.
  2. My experience as an ESTG student allows me to witness a very competent faculty, committed to transmitting their knowledge to their students. Thus, the multidisciplinarity of the course allowed the development of unique competences in Business Sciences, as well as transversal skills in other areas, such as: the ability to work as a team, initiative, autonomy, independence and responsibility. In addition, the seminars promoted by the ESTG allow us to acquire knowledge that is preponderant not only in management, but also in aspects inherent in one's personal development.
  3. Throughout my academic career, I have acquired knowledge that I never thought possible. In this way, in the last three years I have had the opportunity to acquire solid and diversified competences that will be important not only in my professional life, but also in interaction with the whole community.
  4. Those who will join the ESTG will come across an institution focused on continually improving their teaching methods, preparing their students for the challenges present in the job market. In this sense, people who are now entering higher education should be willing to work hard, but with the assurance that if they do, they will be prepared to deal with all kinds of contingencies that may arise in their professional life.


Marta Rodrigues
Escola Superior de Saúde
Degree in Public Health and Clinical Analysis

  1. Why did you choose P.PORTO?
  2. What makes ESS unique?
  3. What changed the most since your first to your last school year?
  4. One idea or advice for the ones who come to ESS?


  1. The choice for P.PORTO was influenced by the course I chose and the distance to the house. In the first phase of applications for higher education I was accepted in the Polytechnic of Coimbra, however, despite the idea that this is the city of students, and considering the expenses that study so far entails, I decided to try the Polytechnic Porto which, in addition of greatly reducing my expenses, has always been known for the high quality of teaching. At this point, I did not know that I was taking one of the best and most important decisions of my life that would change me forever.
  2. One of the main features that makes ESS so unique compared to other faculties is that it embodies the term "home" so well. At all times, from my arrival to my current and deeply felt departure, I always felt welcomed by everyone from staff to teachers, not to mention students. It is so comforting to wander the corridors and in all of them find friendly faces, always surrounded by a climate of warmth and sympathy while sharing so much knowledge. At ESS I have found more than a high school, I have found a Home from the first day and this is a characteristic that is just an idyllic scenario, but hypothetical in most places of education. For this and much more I will be eternally grateful to ESS.
  3. Taking a retrospective of these four my intensely lived years, I am faced with a superb growth both personally and academically. I take issue with the ESS with the certainty that I have witnessed a great quality of teaching that allows me at present to feel prepared to enter the world of work. My sense of responsibility, trust in myself as a person and professional, communication skills and teamwork have been so worked and improved that I feel that today I am a more evolved and adult person. I also learned to manage my problems, to face situations from all perspectives, to make the best of them, and to realize the satisfaction in helping others with all the community actions and volunteering that I involved.
  4. To the lucky ones that are going to arrive at the ESS I leave my votes of greater success and happiness for this adventure that are the best years of your lives. In order to get the most out of these four years I strongly advise you to get involved in the extracurricular activities that are constantly planned, mainly to volunteer and participate in the lectures and workshops that are so much knowledge that you convey and that are always a plus. Keep an open mind and do not fear this new stage of your life, for besides giving you many joys and making you grow continuously, will bring you a second home that you will not want to leave.


 Marco Oliveira
Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turismo
Degree in Hotel Management and Administration

  1. Why did you choose P.PORTO?
  2. What makes ESHT unique?
  3. What changed the most since your first to your last school year?
  4. One idea or advice for the ones who come to ESHT?


  1. I already knew the P.PORTO because of my past in ISEP and it was the only faculty that offered me the course in question.
  2. Be a small institute where everyone knows each other. The teachers know our names, they leave us the will to talk to them of whatever they are and they help us immensely. Being such a technical area and having most of the teachers exercising functions within a hotel, they can give us a perspective of who has been in the field and teach us even better.
  3. The shift from the old ESEIG to now ESHT, the arrival of new teachers, the new curriculum plans.
  4. Do not think that this course is for those who like to go on vacation and find joke when it comes to a hotel and it's all done. To do this there are professionals like us who work hard for nothing. It is not a difficult course, but it needs a lot of work and commitment, a great capacity for organization, to innovate and above all to understand. Enjoy making friends and have fun because these three years are the best of your life.


Gonçalo Reais
Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design
Degree in Information Technologies and Systems for the Web

  1. Why did you choose P.PORTO?
  2. What makes ESHT unique?
  3. What changed the most since your first to your last school year?
  4. One idea or advice for the ones who come to ESHT?


  1. Only P.PORTO offered the training that I wanted since I am a finalist of Technologies and Information Systems for the Web, a unique course in the training offer of the Porto Academy.
  2. ESMAD is unique because of its warm and friendly environment among all students, teachers and staff.
  3. I grew up as a person, got my technical knowledge as well as my social needs. Regarding the ESMAD a lot has changed, the name, some teachers and new courses, but the quality of teaching remains the same, at very high levels.
  4. Live higher education and all that it has to offer, take advantage of the unique conditions of ESMAD, as well as the cities that host it. Have fun and enjoy the knowledge of the teachers.