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P.PORTO's scientific journals integrate the RCAAP portal


The platform has recently integrated five scientific P.PORTO journals in the areas of Engineering, Semiotics, Business Sciences, Cytology and Translation and Interpretation

The Open Access Scientific Repository Portal of Portugal (RCAAP), an initiative of the Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC), implemented by the FCCN - Foundation for National Computing Science, integrated into its system five scientific journals of Polytechnic of Porto: Polissema, Journal  of the Institute of Accounting and Administration of Porto (ISCAP), Citotech Online of School of Health (ESS), the Business and Legal Sciences Magazine, also ISCAP, Neutral to Earth, Porto School of Engineering (ISEP) and the IRIS Notebooks from School of Media Arts and Design (ESMAD).

The platform's mission is to increase the visibility, accessibility and dissemination of academic and scientific results and facilitate access to information on national scientific production in open access, as well as to integrate Portugal into a set of international initiatives in this field.

The service is based on the OJS - Open Journal System, an open source system with a broad user community and strong impact on the open access domain.

The journals, which cover five thematic areas, are now available on an open-ended basis:

Polissema - annually in printed and digital formats, aims to promote the exchange of pedagogical and scientific activity in the area of Literature, interpretation and languages for specific purposes;

Citotech Online - Case Review - a journal of cytological diagnosis that aims to broaden the knowledge in the field of cytopathology among the various professionals and students in the area. The publication is annual;

Journal of Business and Legal Sciences - is a biannual publication focusing on the areas of Law, Taxation, Management, Accounting and Economics, with openness to contributions from other areas, from an inter and multidisciplinary perspective;

Neutral to the Earth - technical and scientific journal, published semi-annually by the Electrotechnical Department of ISEP, which is intended, in a particular way, to students of higher courses in Electrotechnical Engineering and, in general, to all professionals of the Electrotechnical Sector;

IRI Notebooks: - with annual publication "welcomes selected articles with double blind peer review, from several areas attached to the production and reception of image in its multiple aspects and aims to discuss issues of reading, use, appropriation and production of images, in their isogrammatic, ideogrammatic and diagrammatic dimensions and in the synergistic relation with texts of several other semiotic systems ".