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P.PORTO SAS integrates European Student Card

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More services for students in European space are the pillars of this project supported by the European Commission.

Invited by the European Student Card (ESC) coordination, P.PORTO SAS have been part of this European project since December 14th. Centered on the students and the possibility of obtaining recognition and access to all the existing services in each Higher Education Institution throughout the European Higher Education Area, this is the main objective to be achieved.

The integration of SAS of P.PORTO was initiated during a working meeting of the ESC, held on 14 and 15 December in Milan. In the same meeting, the SAS Administrator of P.PORTO, Paulo Ferraz, shared with some entities in the room some of the projects that are under development by this entity, namely the SAS 360º, opening the possibility to obtain an inter-institutional partnership of knowledge exchange and support services platforms for students.

With the European Student Card it will be possible to make mobility for any EU country and, without any specific document or action, the student can have access to the library, pay a meal in a canteen or an overnight stay. These are some of the services that will be available upon completion of the project. A project that is focused on the internal services of each institution, but it does not end there. The possibility of using the public transport of a city of another country will be another challenge that could be a reality. P.PORTO SAS are part of the working group on the global services market and their challenges for a good integration in ESC, namely the electronic payments system. 

Belongs to this group EUCOR, The European Campus; Campus Card Berlin; SW; STW Freiburg and STW Karlsruhe; EDUCatt; Cours de Strasbourg and the Fondazione ENDISU.

The project already has a partnership of seven European countries. The coordinating council includes entities from France, Germany, Italy and Ireland and includes entities from Spain, Greece and Portugal as collaborative partners.

Every day, in every step, SAS P.PORTO is closer to you.