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P.PORTO exports pedagogical model to Brazil


Porto Polytechnic R&D Center starts soon a course to train Brazilian educators and teachers according to literacy models already tested in Portugal

Within the scope of the protocol that Polytechnic of Porto has signed with the Ministry of Education of Brazil, the Center for Research and Intervention in Reading (CiiL).
R&D center assigned to the Escola Superior de Saúde will provide a course for primary school teachers in that country.

This training will be online, due to the pandemic context we live in, so the number of participating teachers will be significant. The public presentation of this course, with the name "Alfabetização Baseada na Ciência" (ABC), will take place on the 30th of November, also in a virtual format and will have as participants the Minister of Education of Brazil, the President of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel and the Secretary of State for Literacy in Brazil. In addition to the CiiL itself and the UP School of Psychology and Educational Sciences, a partner institution.

Ana Sucena, Ana Filipa Silva, Maria José Mata and Cristina Garrido, CiiL researchers, they see with enthusiasm the possibility of programs designed and tested in the national context now crossing the Atlantic.

"The objective of promoting success from the beginning of learning to read is based on the unequivocal knowledge that many paths of learning difficulties can be avoided if the child experiences success at the beginning", they argue, even though they have the expectation that this training "will be a benefit to the field of educators and teachers, in the decisive task to each individual and to Humanity (to which we aspire), of education ".

It is the goal of CiiL, originally a partnership between the Polytechnic of Porto, the Porto City Council and the Ministry of Education of Portugal, to develop and share scientifically based assessment and intervention tools for children with learning difficulties in reading.