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ISCAP celebrates 131 years

The anniversary toke place on november 23.

The anniversary of ISCAP was held on Thursday, November 23rd, with the presence - among several personalities, students, teachers, non-teachers and alumni of the School - by Olímpio Castilho, President of ISCAP, António Marques, Vice-President of the P.PORTO, Júlio Maciel, President of the Association of Former Students, Luísa Salgueiro, President of CM Matosinhos, and the Mayor of Valongo, José Manuel Ribeiro. Olímpio Castilho stressed the role of all those who helped to "enhance the image of the institution abroad," emphasizing that "it is up to the Institutions of Higher Education to raise its prestige and seek to overcome the obstacles created by the legislative system." The President concluded the speech by emphasizing the active collaboration with P. PORTO presidency, because "being part of the largest Polytechnic in the country is always a reason to trust in the future".

PORTO's Vice-President, António Marques, praised ISCAP as a mature, successful institution that knows how to adapt to contemporary challenges and respond with assertiveness to the demands of civil society. "The best testimony of ISCAP's long history is what ISCAP is today," he noted, "a robust, leading, inclusive and promising institution," underlining its competitive training portfolio, high attractiveness and teaching / pragmatic learning and excellence, strongly articulated with civil society.

This fundamental axis of ISCAP's mission was widely praised, either by Luísa Salgueiro, mayor of Matosinhos, who foresees an "even greater complicity between Matosinhos and the School", as well as by the mayor of Valongo, who has an ambitious collaboration with a research team of ISCAP, the TaClaro pilot project (Transparency, Responsibility and Communication in Local Public Administration), a digital communication platform that aims to promote transparency in the management of public resources of the Valongo City Hall. The anniversary was also the occasion for the presentation of the 17th volume of Polissema magazine, the usual delivery of prizes and certificates and a musical moment by a Saxophone Trio of ESMAE-  School of Music and Performing Arts.