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HARMOS Festival 2018


20th to 24th March

HARMOS is a unique European-wide concept that brings together the best students from some of the world's most respected music schools.

HARMOS Festival 2018, dedicated entirely to chamber music, celebrates its 12th anniversary from 20th to 24th March with concerts at Casa da Música and in various places in the city of Porto, as well as in the HARMOS cities of Barcelos, Braga and Santa Maria da Feira. In addition to concerts in Porto, the concerts in HARMOS cities help fulfill the important objective of acting in a wider and diverse territory.

HARMOS is also the privileged stage for masterclasses, commented concerts, for the promotion of the creation and musical edition and for the reflection in the chamber music  field in close articulation with the International Chamber Music Conference - ICMuC 2018. The healthy coexistence between what has already been done and what remains to be done, and also the confrontation between tradition and contemporaneity, confers an identity to the HARMOS concept and makes it a cultural engine in all the contexts in which it is present.

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