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Workshop for Sustainable Development Goals


The Training of Multipliers in the SDG will be held on May 22 at ESE, school of Education of Politécnico do Porto

The Workshop Training of Multipliers or Sustainable Development Goals,  a collaboration between Politécnico do Porto and Gaia Education, will take place on May 22 at P.PORTO School of Education (ESE). 

The Workshop will have the presence of of Gaia Education CEO, May East, who will come to Portugal to guide this workshop certified by UNESCO-GAP.

The SDG Training of Multipliers answers the global challenge of how to implement the Agenda 2030 at the local and regional scale. The training was designed to build the capacity of facilitators to hold the vitally important conversations on how to implement the SDG at a local and regional scale, in ways that are carefully adapted to the biocultural uniqueness of each location.

The aim will be to launch the debate in the community for local implementation of ODS and integrated training of potential "multipliers" for SDG. The guideline for this workshop was structured to allow participants to replicate the workshops in the desired formats and customized training for different entities, universities, schools or community groups in the surrounding region

Gaia Education - Design for Sustainability Program was created by a consortium of educators called GEESE (Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth), with the goal of determining a holistic education curriculum for sustainability. In its origin are the experiences of the so-called ecovillages from various parts of the world that develop sustainable communities in rural and urban areas. It is currently present in 39 countries, with more than 180 programs on six continents.

Members of P.PORTO community enjoy a 20% discount. To do this, simply place the coupon "TOM-IPP-PORTO" at the time of registration in the workshop.

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