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Publicado em: 01 Fevereiro 2019

University and Politécnico do Porto celebrates 180 years of Polytechnic Academy

Join forces to commemorate common history, heritage and legacy.
As part of the commemorations of the 180th anniversary of the creation of the Polytechnic Academy of Porto (APP), the University of Porto and Politecnico do Porto have developed a joint program of commemorative activities to introduce the history, memory and material evidence of that school. 
Materialidades da Polytechnica is the name of the cycle of sessions integrated in the initiative, with start scheduled for June 14, at 6:00 pm, at the Noble Hall of the Rectory of U.Porto. The APP, created on January 13, 1837, was a crucial institution in the history of higher education in Porto, with links of coexistence and collaboration with other educational institutions, namely through the sharing of the same building, teachers and didactic material with the Industrial School Of Porto (1854). 
Polytechnic Academy and the Medical-Surgical School gave origin to University of Porto, being direct successor of this Academy the Faculties of Sciences and Engineering of the U.Porto (FCUP and FEUP).For its part, the Porto Industrial School derives the Institutes of Engineering and Accounting and Business  School of P.PORTO (ISEP and ISCAP), which mark, respectively, 165 and 130 years from its foundation. 

U.Porto and P.PORTO joined forces to commemorate the common history, patrimony and legacy of these eighteenth-century institutions by proposing multiple activities, exhibitions, conferences and publications on the subject. 
Materialidades da Polytechnica's initiative is a cycle of nine conversations about the collections of documents and artifacts from the Academy's time (1837-1911) that aim to mark its 180 years of existence and restore to the memory of Porto the contribution of the Academy, responsible for the scientific training of figures who have become famous in and outside Portugal. And why Polytechnica Why MaterialitiesExactly because in the center of each session will be the material testimonies of that school that today integrate the assets of U.Porto and P.PORTO. 
This cycle will thus make known the instruments that integrated the processes of knowledge transmission, other materialities that resulted from the scientific production developed, as well as documentary sources of the time that support the contextualization of these objects. 
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