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Publicado em: 02 Outubro 2017

Polytechnic Forum debates the state of arts and artistic teaching

P.PORTO and ESMAE hosted Polytechnic Forum, in an edition dedicated to Performative Arts.

This edition of the Polytechnic Forum - sponsored by the Coordinating Council of the Polytechnical Higher Institutes (CCISP) - is organized by P.PORTO and took place at the Superior School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE).

The debate focused on the performing arts and artistic teaching in its multiple expressions and took place at Helena Sá e Costa Theater on September 26. "Let's analyze and think the arts together," said Rosário Gambôa, President of Politécnico do Porto.

The ESMAE was an example. Balanced with the vision of the Politécnico do Porto as an "open institution, in communication with civil society and cultural institutions," ESMAE participates systematically in the artistic dynamic of the city, with its various festivals and multiple artistic expressions. ESMAE, said the President, "it's not only an artistic school, because here artistic creation is an integral part of learning and an effective formation", she said before concluding: "Creation is only possible in a culture of experimentation, innovation and an environment that challenges. "ESMAE is an excellent art school because it privileges creation. We don't teach, we create, and teaching happens with creation.

It was given the tone to the debate about performing arts, about the planning of future initiatives and possible answers to specific needs and goals. Present in the room were important actors of the portuguese artistic panorama, with projects linked to artistic teaching, music, theater and dance.

The first session was dedicated to Music, next one to Theatre and Dance, and finally, the relation between artistic teaching and employability. Maria Fernanda Rollo, StatSecretariat oScience, Technology and Higher Education closed the session.

António Augusto Aguiar, President of ESMAE, assured that this edition is also an opportunity to innovate past forums, contradicting the most expositive format, intercalating the different communications with performances and musical moments, and inviting external cultural agents "that are effective partnerships of ESMAE, such as Casa da Música, Teatro Nacional de S. João or Rivoli ". It is also an opportunity to discuss crucial issues, such as employability, "which can not be interpreted only in a numerical sense", even though in the arts it has another expression.

"There is a lot to talk about an artistic issue," he concluded.

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