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P.PORTO signs protocol with two new patrons


The patronage protocols with Rotary Club and msg life Iberia were signed, on November 19, under FAES P.PORTO

It is the duty of Higher Education Institutions to ensure conditions of fair access and a successful attendance of their students, especially those who, despite the skills demonstrated, are at risk of dropping out. For the Polytechnic of Porto, the problem of school drop-out for economically deprived students is a constant concern. It was in this framework of social responsibility - and fulfilling the mission of an institution that wants to be more inclusive, which postulates the respect for the principles of universality and equality in access and frequency of higher education - that in 2018, the Support Fund and Social Emergency of the Polytechnic of Porto (FAES-P.PORTO).

FAES P.PORTO is a fund made up of donations from individual or collective patrons, which allows implementing a social action complementary to the State's social action to support students who, despite their economic needs, do not have access to the State's social action.

On November 19, Protocols were signed with two new patrons, the Rotary Club of Porto-Douro and msg life Iberia.

The Rotary Club of Porto-Douro is a non-profit association whose purpose is to provide services to the community, support social development and improve the quality of life within the framework of the International Rotary movement.

Msg life Iberia is a software development company, based in the city of Porto, which aims, in its corporate social responsibility mission, to contribute to the integrated development of the communities where it operates, namely through support for solidarity initiatives Social.

Within the scope of their statutory purposes, the most recent sponsors of FAES P.PORTO undertake to make a donation each year, with a view to providing complementary social support to students in a situation of proven economic need and with good school performance.

Beneficiary students will have to "repay" to society what they receive, collaborating in extracurricular activities.

Rosa Maria Rocha, Pro-President of P.PORTO for Social Responsibility, welcomes the entry of these two new patrons, noting that "reasons of economic fragility cannot be an obstacle for our students to pursue their objectives and obtain the skills needed to enter the increasingly demanding and competitive labor market. "