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P.PORTO receives 1 million euros to develop multidisciplinary projects with Latin America


In the third edition of the Capacity Building program, Politécnico do Porto assumes itself as the Portuguese HEI with more projects led after the approval of LAPASSION.

LAPASSION (Latin-America Practices and Soft Skills for an Innovation Oriented Network) is a project that will be financed by the Erasmus + Program, in the Key Action "Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices" action "Capacity Building in Higher Education".

According to Carlos Ramos, responsible for this project, "LAPASSION aims to transfer a good practice developed in Europe to the geographical space of Latin America." Good practice is the development of Internships and projects by higher education students with the following characteristics: •Presented as challenges for companies or other organizations, or resulting from an innovative idea to create new prototypes / products / services;
. Developed by a multidisciplinary group of students, involving at least 3 different knowledge domains;
. With students from different countries;
. Oriented towards the development of transversal competences;
. In which students demonstrate passion for the project (Passion-Based Learning).

These are concepts that have been the identity matrix of Porto Design Factory. The project also benefits from the strong relationship of some R & D groups at Politécnico do Porto in internships for students of Federal Institutes of Brazil in R & D projects, especially the GECAD, CIETI, GRAQ, GILT and CEMAH R & D groups. However, in LAPASSION the projects will take place in Latin America and the students of P.PORTO and the other institutions involved will be able to participate.

In addition to P.PORTO, which leads the project, LAPASSION involves the following institutions: Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK, Finland), Universidade de Vigo (UVIGO, Espanha), Universidad de Salamanca (USAL, Espanha), Instituto Federal Sul Riograndense (IFSUL, Brasil), Instituto Federal do Triângulo Mineiro (IFTM, Brasil), Instituto Federal de Goiás (IFG, Brasil), Instituto Federal do Maranhão (IFMA, Brasil), Instituto Federal do Amazonas (IFAM, Brasil), Universidad de La República de Uruguay (UDELAR, Uruguai), Universidade Técnica de Uruguay (UTEC, Uruguai), Fundação do Instituto Profissional (DUOC, Chile), Universidade Católica do Chile (PUC, Chile), Associação  Empresarial de Portugal, Câmara de Comércio e Indústria (AEP, Portugal), Conselho dos Reitores dos Institutos Federais do Brasil (CONIF, Brasil).

LAPASSION starts in October and lasts for three years