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P.PORTO celebrates 36 years with a virtual celebration


Despite the impossibility of a gathering, the anniversary celebration of the Polytechnic of Porto will still take place

The Polytechnic of Porto celebrates its 36th anniversary on February 25, Thursday.

And if the measures to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 forced the presential cancellation of the usual celebration, the date will not be left unmarked. It was in this sense that P.PORTO prepared a virtual birthday party, to which the whole community is invited to join ... from a distance.

We live in exceptional times, it is even more necessary to evoke this year, go to our roots and seek additional strength to face the present and future challenges, always finding more reasons to mobilize and celebrate a history, our history, that we lived together.

The great moments of P.PORTO's life were shared, and this year not much will be different. We learned that, even in the most difficult moments, we knew how to build, project and innovate in cohesion, commitment and internal solidarity.

Instead of taking place in the usual facilities, the gathering is scheduled for the P.PORTO YouTube channel, using digital technologies to celebrate our past, honoring the common effort that characterizes us, year after year and the excellence of our students , teachers, researchers and collaborators.

In keeping with tradition, this festive day is also the time to publicly acknowledge the merit of those who, over 20 years and 40 years, have made the Polytechnic of Porto the institution it is today.

Congratulations to all who daily build the P.PORTO community!