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P.PORTO among the best in Europe


A survey of more than 30,000 students has placed P.PORTO among the top 100 European higher education institutions

The Polytechnic of Porto is among the 100 best institutions of higher education at European level in the area of education. The data is from the first edition University Teaching Rankings, the first international university ranking to focus exclusively on assessing the quality of teaching and learning in European higher education institutions.

Elaborated by Times Higher Education (THE), this pilot ranking is based mainly on the results of THE - European Student Survey, a study that evaluated the student involvement of more than 30,000 students in higher education through questions focused on quality and teaching conditions in higher education institutions. There are 13 indicators that globally evaluate the teaching-learning environment, through, for instance, student interaction with teachers, students' commitment to their studies, academic success, opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge, preparation for integration in the labor market or the stimulation of the capacity for analysis and reflection and development of critical thinking.

The evaluation also included a peer review of 10,162 higher education teachers as well as the establishment of each institution's scientific output between 2012 and 2016.

With eight Portuguese institutions represented, Europe Teaching Rankings ranks more than 240 universities according to indicators categorized into four dimensions: Involvement (40%), Resources (20%), Results (20%) and Environment (20%). P.PORTP occupies position 76-100, along with institutions such as Paris Descartes University, the University of Strasbourg or the Complutense of Madrid. At the national level, Polytechnic of Porto comes in sixth place, after the universities of Lisbon, Porto, Minho, Aveiro and Nova and in front of the universities of Coimbra and Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro.