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Mobile Math Trail


The School of Engineering of P.PORTO promotes a Math Trail, simultaneously with several European countries.

On October 12, Saturday, the cities of Porto, Santander (Spain), Lyon (France), Frankfurt (Germany) and Nitra (Slovakia) organize a simultaneous event: walking a "math trail" in the city.

The Porto Mobile Math Trail, an initiative of the Institute of Engineering of Porto (ISEP) in collaboration with the Porto City Hall, starts at 10am at the main entrance of the Crystal Palace Gardens.

To participate just bring the smartphone (and not be afraid of math!).

The MoMaTrE Mobile Math Trails in Europe - a program within the scope of #ErasmusDays (which celebrates international mobility and European citizenship) exist since 2017 and brings together organizations from various European countries that cooperate in the development and dissemination of the MathCityMap app, an application. designed to increment an outdoor "math track" using only the smartphone.

The aim is to bring the mathematics taught in the classroom closer to real-life math and is designed to contribute to school motivation and success in the discipline, transforming the learning experience and broadening opportunities and perspectives. The organization of the Porto Math Trail is in charge of researchers from LEMA (Mathematical Engineering Lab), professors of the Department of Mathematics of ISEP and members of the MoMaTrE project.