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Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa praises excellence in Porto Higher Education


November 10 was a day of celebration for P.PORTO with the official inauguration of the new School of Health with the presence of the President of the Republic.

The inauguration ceremony of the new facilities of the School of Health (ESS), at the Asprela Center, took place on Friday, the 10th, and was a happy day for the P.PORTO and, of course, in particular for teachers, staff and ESS students.

There was the presence - among several personalities and many students of the School -  the President of ESS, Cristina Prudêncio; the President of P.PORTO, Rosário Gambôa; the President of CM of Porto, Rui Moreira; and the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. The highest figure of the State became, on that day, the first honored with the highest distinction of the PORTO, the Title of Honor, which he received with remarkable modesty from the hands of Rosário Gambôa after an introductory speech by Ana Pinho Macedo Silva , president of the Serralves Foundation.

After the speeches and the protocol ceremony, the President of Republic visited the premises and unveiled the plaque that officially inaugurates the new address of the ESS. "It is with appreciation that I register and I commend what is here in the field of health, in terms of deepening quality and excellence in higher education," declared the President in an emotional address, stressing the "indomitable force of people" and the "power of transformation effect," with a prevalence of a "collective sense that is truly singular." "Institutions are worth because people give it life," he said, referring to Rosário Gambôa, "a case of proven quality" whose unequivocal sense of leadership allowed him to "convince his peers to an effective organization," knowing how to explain that there are no immutabilities, "creating new physical structures, and" pointing to the future "and" the indomitable energy of the ESS president, "Cristina Prudêncio also praised the fact that in Porto there is" dialogue, cooperation development, even assuming in a joking way that "I begin to be suspected of excessive connection to Porto." Rosário Gambôa underlined the financial effort made at the School, "whose direct investment of P.PORTO was over 10.5 million euros , expresses the commitment to people, to teaching and research in the area of health. "" We materialized in knowledge the realization of an open, innovative, competitive and democratic Portugal.

According to Cristina Prudêncio, president of the ESS, the long course of the School, which after several temporary facilities finally found "a privileged place, with other institutions of higher education and health reference. " And because the intention is always to "do more", the person responsible also took the opportunity to announce the implementation, in the coming weeks, of "the first phase of the Pedagogical Clinic" of the ESS, a new unit to support research and entrepreneurship and the integration of the School at CUME - Centro Universitário de Medicina. Integrated in polytechnic higher education in 1993, at the time with the designation of the School of Health Technology of Porto (ESTSP), the now designated School of Health was incorporated in P.PORTO in 2006. Since then it has been based in the center of Porto and in Gaia, already after having known other addresses previously. ESS has about 2500 students, about 300 teachers and 40 non-teaching staff, ensuring 12 undergraduate degrees, 10 masters degrees and a PhD in partnership. From its beginnings, this school was debated by the construction of root facilities, passing through several temporary facilities. Constraints that have naturally hampered the management and stability of the school, without ever jeopardizing the excellence of ESS teaching and research. That's why this inauguration was so important to the Community , especially with the presence of the President of the Republic, who was a privileged witness of the first day of the new life of ESS.