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Publicado em: 14 Outubro 2019

ISEP Academy trains Palo Alto instructors in Europe

This ISEP unit, P.PORTO's engineering school, is the first regional academy specializing in the formation of Palo Alto Networks

ISEP Academy offers specialized training, increasingly recognized and valued by the business market. In order to meet the needs and dynamics of the technological world, the team specializes in the formation of Palo Alto Networks, a company that is a worldwide reference in cybersecurity.

Realizing the dynamics and potential of ISEP Academy, the US company invited the training center of ISEP to become the third regional academy in the world, the first in Portugal. 

In this way, ISEP Academy is certified to train students in the area of safety and networks and will be responsible for the first Palo Alto instructors course. The training, which runs from June 10 to 14, will be divided into 14 modules and will be led by Bruno Silva and Ricardo Marciano. This is the first time that an instructor training is given by a Palo Alto Networks regional academy in Europe.

ISEP thus returns to stand out in the technological area, contributing to the qualified certification of instructors of other institutions. Soon will launch a new course to complete and differentiate the training of students of the institute.

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