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Géant CloudService Workshop


The workshop, coordinated by FCCN, took place November 19th at the Porto Polytechnic Common Services

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), national coordinator of the European Géant CloudService program, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) promoted the Géant CloudService Workshop on November 19th.

In addition to addressing the GÉANT IaaS Cloud program, the event will focus on issues related to global cloud fundamentals and infrastructures, storage, security and network issues, as well as insights into HPC computing, data architectures, analytics, and more.

GÉANT is a pan-European communications infrastructure through which advanced services are made available to the national research and education networks of European countries, their higher education institutions and research units. The connection to the GÉANT network is therefore a key element in the integration of the national scientific community with its European counterparts and other regions of the world through services that meet the highest demands. One of the services provided is precisely the GÉANT Cloud project, which, through the European Framework Agreement for Cloud IaaS services for national academic networks, guarantees special conditions of access to the participating entities. There are several Portuguese institutions that have already joined this agreement that offers cloud services from Amazon (Sparkle) and Microsoft (Axians and Atea), as well as their own solutions (CloudSigma and Interoute).