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FCT recognizes P.PORTO's eighth research center


CIICESI, R&D center of ESTG, school of Technology and Management of P.PORTO, is focused in Business Sciences and Information Systems

The Center for Research and Innovation in Business Sciences and Information Systems of the School of Technology and Management (ESTG) of P.PORTO has just been recognized by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

CIICESI is a unit of innovation and research, community service and knowledge dissemination in the fields of Business Sciences and Information Systems.

The areas of application and research focus on Regional and Local Development, Legal Advice and Consulting, Business and Organizational Strategy, Quality Management, New Technology and Information, Industrial Engineering and Information Systems Management. Polytechnic of Porto sees its prominent position in R&D in Portugal being strengthened by the increasing number of recognized units, the number of researchers and FCT funding.

P.PORTO has 24 scientific research centres and groups, distributed across its eight Schools. These groups have participated in countless national and international R&D projects and have been recognized for the quality of their scientific production, be it in qualitative indicators for scientific literature, or impact of research. Ongoing national and international projects are proof of a tight relationship with business companies, organizations and society at large