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P.PORTO Alumni at the National Beach Volleyball Circuit


Januário Silva and Fabrício Barros, former students of P.PORTO, will attend this competition organized by the Portuguese Volleyball Federation

The Januário Silva-Fabrício Barros pair has been a successful partnership for some years, since the beginning of the joint academic course, which has already won national university titles, a European bronze medal (the only podium in Portuguese men's beach volleyball in Europeans), as well as other national titles, both as athletes and coaches.

Januário Silva has several international representations in various training categories, being international athlete by the national selection of senior volleyball of the pavilion and by the selection of beach volleyball, besides having already passed through several national clubs of the first division of Portuguese volleyball. Fabrício Barros, Portuguese-Brazilian, has also represented the Portuguese beach volleyball team internationally and spent 15 years in the first division of national volleyball.

Together, the duo already won the national beach volleyball championship in 2011, and was vice-president four times (2009, 2010, 2012 and 2016). They represented the Porto Polytechnic in the University Europeans of beach volleyball on three occasions (Málaga, Córdoba and Porto), having won a bronze medal.

With P.PORTO were also tri-national university champions of beach volleyball. The 2019 National Beach Volleyball Tour started in Portimão, where the duo won the fourth place in Praia da Rocha on June 22nd and 23rd and will continue to Praia Rosa Branca, in Quarteira; Beach of Santo Amaro, in Oeiras; Beach of the Bay, in Espinho; Buarcos beach, in Figueira da Foz; finishing, on August 18, at Praia Internacional, in Oporto (next to the Transparent Building).