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1000 days of Porto Design Factory


The Open Day With Industry was held on June 29 and 30, with the presence of Minister Manuel Heitor.

1000 days ago, Porto Design Factory - the collaborative platform for creation of innovative ideas by P.PORTO - started its activities.

Based on a passion-based learning experimental culture, the Factory has been a test tube of the latest student-centered pedagogical practices, contributing significantly to the qualification of a new generation of innovators.

With the aim of revealing ideas and projects that should enter the market in the next decade, PDF opened its doors to show the results to challenges that have come from industry. "For now they are projects, but one of these days will be part of our life," says Rui Coutinho, paraphrasing a visitor, "outside the tent is 2017, inside is the future."

An example of this is Piavo, a response to a challenge launched by Silampos, a kitchen and tableware company, which presents itself as a dishwasher that combines ultrasound with water jets. Fits any bench and dishwasher, on average, in six minutes.

This is what Factory does with an eminent focus on empowering its students, in qualifying and preparing this new generation of global innovators, responsible entrepreneurs, future decision-makers and future agents of change," concludes the PDF coordinator.

"I would like to be a student at Porto Design Factory", says the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, following the visit to the PDF.

The minister praised the initiative that Politécnico do Porto has launched as "an example, nationally and internationally," adding how the event itself is symptomatic of a team effort. "This is a great effort, a lot of work, and the team is to be congratulated."

Rosário Gambôa, President of Politécnico do Porto, emphasizes Factory's idea as "a new way of educating", aligned with the current, global, complex and transversal world , stressing the construction of a new attitude, more democratic, entrepreneurial, constructive, sustained and critical."That's why PDF is the future."

The Open Day With Industry took place on June 29 and 30 at the Porto Design Factory, where the book 1000 Days of Restlessness was also launched.