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11,000 kilometres for a greener Europe


ATHENA European University's Europe Day ATHENATHON runs until 9 May

The seven universities that make up the European University ATHENA, a transnational consortium led by the Polytechnic of Porto, have launched the Europe Day ATHENATHON challenge, a sports event that aims to cover 11,000 kilometres.

From 9th of April to 9th of May, all the students, employees and teachers of P.PORTO (and whoever else wants to join) are invited to join this initiative, contributing to reach the referred distance - 11.000 kilometres are the joint distance between the seven campuses of the involved universities.

This marathon aims to promote a greener and more environmentally friendly Europe, so only activities with no carbon footprint will be allowed. You can run, walk, swim, cycle (outdoors or in the gym), go for a walk, skateboard, run on a treadmill, row, climb up and down stairs, among others of the same kind.

To participate, each participant simply submits the distance travelled on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the event's official hashtags: #move4athena or #athenathon, also including a screenshot of the app of their choice that serves as proof. Each person can participate as many times as they like, regardless of the country they live in.

On 9 May, when Europe Day is celebrated, the event ends and the results will be released. Fancy a run?