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Porto Design Factory


Porto Design Factory is a laboratory of ideas based on interdisciplinary work, applied research and industrial collaboration.

Here, in a platform that reflects so well the P.PORTO culture, students from very different areas cooperate in the development of innovative projects with the ambition to promote an enterprising mentality through a model of education based on problem-based learning.

A meeting point for the eight schools in P.PORTO, PDF is part of the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN), which in turn is made up of 20 institutions from four continents. This network makes it possible for students and teaching staff from different schools to exchange and share knowledge and cooperate in several projects. DFGN has offices in every continent, from Helsinki to Shanghai, from Melbourne to Santiago de Chile, Holland, Geneva or New York.

Encouraging an innovative ecosystem centred in interdisciplinary dialogue and teamwork, we believe in supplying the basic tools to respond and adjust to the business community of the region, especially to the most relevant industries.