School of Education

The School of Education has the stronghold of teacher training, but also of the training of educators, and social and cultural players in numerous areas - from languages to music, to sports.

Our best testimonial to this are our 2000 students, our partnership with the University of Santiago de Compostela to provide a PhD in Education, our two research centres, our sport centre and our modern library.

The School started in 1985, providing undergraduate degrees in primary education, as well as in-service teacher training programmes for teachers and educators. Later on it widened the range of its educational offer to other professionals, namely in the field of Social Education, Art and Cultural Heritage Management, and Translation and Interpretation of Portuguese Sign Language. With the consolidation of the European Higher Education Area, we updated our educational offer so as to include Professional and Vocational Masters.

Our mission is teaching, education and social intervention. We train professionals in scientific, technical, artistic and pedagogical areas, never losing sight of ethics and citizenship education. The diversity of our range of educational offer is geared towards the provision of services to the community.

ESE is a school where education, culture, sports and citizenship converge in a single space of training and knowledge.

Located in Campus 1 Asprela, one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, the School of Education offers eight degrees and 15 masters, as well as Post-secondary Specialisation Programmes and several open courses. 
Because those who can, do; and those who know and can, teach.

We are Education, we are P.PORTO

Lecture in Translation and Interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language at ESE | RuiPinheiro©