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Sustainable Energies

MSc: 2 years ( 120 ECTS units ) The energy sector is growing and rapidly evolving, generating new business opportunities globally. In coming years, projects related to green energies, smart grids, energy security and efficiency will operate a revolution. At an industrial, urban and domestic level, the future of energy focuses on sustainability. With the MSc in Sustainable Energies, ISEP trains engineers with specialized knowledge to plan and implementing sustainable strategies of energy production, distribution and management. The course mixes mechanical, electrical, chemical, geotechnical and civil engineering perspectives to ensure a comprehensive and integrated vision of energy. The programme is designed to meet international markets´ needs. It´s flexible framework focuses advanced knowledge surrounding technologies, renewable energy investments (solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydro, tidal), cogeneration and microgeneration, safe and efficient distribution networks, clean transport systems, rational consumption, heat recovery and energy certification. Recently, students developed studies on wind and solar energy systems; energy efficiency in buildings and public lighting; use of biodiesel in transports; power quality; among other projects conducted in cooperate and research environments. Schedule Evening Schedule: Monday to Friday, 18:10-23:30, and Saturday, 09:10-13:00. (Daytime Schedule: Monday to Friday, 14:10-23:30. If a suficient number of students opt for the daytime schedule.) Partnerships In recent years, students developed their final project in companies like EDP , BioRumo , Ecoinside ,  IncBio , Evoleotech , Megajoule , ISQ and research groups such as GECAD , CIDEM and CIETI , among others. Double degree protocol with the Universidade Politécnica de Madrid .


N.º Despacho/Portaria: 6479/2010
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Environment, Sustainability and Natural Resources 1st Semester
Renewable Energies 1 1st Semester
Transfer Phenomena 1st Semester
Dynamic Control Systems 1st Semester
Combustion (optional) 1st Semester
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Buildings (optional) 1st Semester
Planning and Land Use Management (optional) 1st Semester
Electrical Energy Systems (optional) 1st Semester
Construction Technology (optional) 1st Semester
Renewable Energies 2 2st Semester
Environment Impact Assessment 2st Semester
Energy Conversion Systems 2st Semester
Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Buildings (optional) 2st Semester
2st Semester
Industrial Fluid Mechanics (optional) 2st Semester
Decentralized Energy Production (optional) 2st Semester
2st Semester
Construction Technology (optional) 2st Semester
2st Semester
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Investement Analysis on Energy and Environment Projects 1st Semester
Erasmus Project/Internship 1st Semester
Erasmus Project/Internship 1st Semester
Erasmus Project/Internship 1st Semester
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (optional) 1st Semester
1st Semester
Project Management (optional) 1st Semester
Computational Fluid Dynamics (optional) 1st Semester
Energy Markets (optional) 1st Semester
1st Semester
Efficientl Use of Energy (optional) 1st Semester
Erasmus Project/Internship 2st Semester
Erasmus Project/Internship 2st Semester
Erasmus Project/Internship 2st Semester
Dissertation / Project / Traineeship Annual