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Master Degree in Corporate Finance (Evening Classes)

Corporate Finance, now developed in a company management context, has become a special management tool for the creation of value in a company.

The Master¿s Programme in Corporate Finance aims at providing specialized, highly qualified training in company financial management. It has a strong professional dimension, where the technical/scientific knowledge and its practical application stand out. Its objective is to meet the needs of those who wish to pursue a career in company financial management, as well as of those who are already employed and who wish to improve their skills.


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345 - Gestão e administração
Número: 779/2011
N.º Despacho/Portaria: Despacho n.º 12918/2010 (2ª SÉRIE)
Unidade Ano Período
Entrepreneurship 1 Summer Semester
Game Theory 1 Summer Semester
Advanced Management Control 1 Summer Semester
Financing Investments 1 Summer Semester
Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisictions 1 Summer Semester
International Finance 1 Summer Semester
Risk Management 1 Summer Semester
International Taxation 1 Winter Semester
Accounting and Finance of Securities Firms and Insurance Companies 1 Winter Semester
Investment Analysis 1 Winter Semester
Currency and Financing 1 Winter Semester
Forecasting Methods 1 Winter Semester
European Company Law 1 Winter Semester
Strategic Planning Practices 1 Winter Semester
Thesis/ Project/ Work Placement 2 Annual
Seminars 2 Winter Semester
The Master¿s Programme in Corporate Finance favours the development of professional skills linked to the good command of financial functions inside the organizations, especially those concerning financial planning, the creation of strategic plans, risk planning, resource rationalization and company restructuring

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