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Distributed over an extensive and geographically differentiated area, ranging from the North Coast to the interior of the region, the eight P.PORTO Schools are located in three Campi.

Porto's Campus 1 is divided between Asprela, in the northern part of the municipality, and downtown Porto. The Asprela area, where 60 thousand people work, research, and study daily, is home to a network of universities, laboratories, research centers, and innovative companies. It is an eminently technological space, with a strong presence of engineering, entrepreneurship and health sciences, stage of collaborations and joint innovations with national and international interface institutes.

It is here that we find the Higher Institute of Engineering, the Higher Institute of Accounting and Administration and the School of Education, as well as various infrastructures, libraries, auditoriums, museum structures, sports facilities and numerous laboratories and research centers, in addition to the Institution's Common Services. Since 2016 the School of Health is also located here. The School of Music and Performing Arts, as well as the Helena Sá e Costa Theatre and the Francisco Beja Café-Concerto, are located in the Baixa district, one of the most vibrant areas of the city, close to cultural agents and preferred audiences.

Campus 2, located on the Póvoa de Varzim/Vila do Conde borderline, houses the School of Media Arts and Design and the School of Hospitality and Tourism. With modern and innovative infrastructures, this campus guarantees laboratories, application restaurants, three amphitheaters and an auditorium, facilities for research groups, and a large library.

Tâmega e Sousa hosts Campus 3, where we can find the School of Technology and Management. This school allows a perfect synergy between the educational offer and the region's diverse and predominantly industrial business fabric. Campus 3 is a catalyst for the development of the Sousa Valley and Baixo Tâmega regions, contributing to their development and social well-being through higher education, research, and community services.

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