Centre for Social and Organizational Studies (CEOS)

The Centre for Organizational and Social Studies of P.PORTO, CEOS.PP, is a research centre of P.PORTO’s Business School, and formally recognized by FCT, the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. CEOS.PP's mission is to develop interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, development and innovation activities, to provide specialized services to the community and to carry out advanced training actions in the areas of Business and Legal Sciences, Language Sciences, Communication and Education and Information Technologies and Systems.

The centre was born in February 2017 as a result of the merger of three of the ISCAP research centres - CECEJ, CICE and CEISE-STI - and the inclusion of the NID-RH of the previous ESEIG school. Its creation was intended to reinforce the institutional and scientific relevance and projection of the research carried out at ISCAP and at the P.PORTO and, at the same time, contribute actively to the development of the country and its regions, as well as the scientific and educational higher system in Portugal.

To this end, it is structured into three Research Units that develop their research in their own spheres, areas that intersect and gather contributions from several disciplinary areas with the aim of promoting: i) the expansion of activities to new knowledge, professional practices and inter- and multidisciplinary articulation, ii) the quality and respective impact of the scientific activity, and iii) the expansion of collaboration with other fabrics of society in order to strengthen sources and opportunities for financing and growth.

The Units are:

• Unit of Studies in Business and Legal Sciences, UECEJ

• Unit of Studies in Languages, Communication and Education, UELCE

• Unit of Studies in Information Systems, UESI


Amélia Silva