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P.PORTO students wins the CNU of Beach Volleyball


Bárbara Freitas and Maria Leonor Sarmento, in representation of Politécnico do Porto, won the university championship of the modality

The National University Championship (CNU) final of Beach Volleyball 2018, was held on June 5 and 7, in Carcavelos, Cascais,.

Politécnico do Porto was represented with a retinue of three male and two female doubles, with the highest place on the podium being female for the athletes Bárbara Freitas and Maria Leonor Sarmento.

Tired, but visibly happy, the pair highlights not only the freezing weather, but the difficulty in facing the athletes of Universidade do Porto, despite the consistent course of successive victories, always against the doubles of U.Porto.

Bárbara Freitas, from the School of Hospitality and Tourism (ESHT), confessed that the result "exceeded expectations", emphasizing the final duel , in which the team began losing 1-0, but ended up winning by 2-1.

Maria Leonor Sarmento, from the School of Health (ESS), also enphasize the demanding path, concluding that "naturally, when we reached the final there would be no other option but to win." The two athletes stands out the desire to continue the volleyball competitions,  combined with classes and a professional future in the areas of Physical Therapy and Tourist Animation.