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IRI - Imagens do Real Imaginado Festival



30 > 04.11.2017 · 14:00 > 14:00


Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett

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The 14th edition subject of IRI festival is "Crossings".

IRI 2017, organized by ESMAD - School of Media Arts and Design,  will take place at the Public Library Biblioteca Almeida Garrett between October 30 and November 4, with an alignment that includes the presentation of projects, film projection, round tables and masterclasses.

The concept "Travessias" (Crossings), this year's theme, seeks to establish a dialogue between different creative movements, also the discussion about new models of construction of artistic teaching in a time of growing technology and virtual innovation.

The IRI program will include a session dedicated to new challenges in Photography Education, inviting reflection on new technologies and its innumerable possibilities in editing and production in the face of artistic, social and political challenges that define an expanded the view of the transversality of the arts.

Directors such as Diogo Costa Amarante (Cidade Pequena, 2016), Pedro Neves (Tarrafal, 2016) and Luís Campos (Carga, 2017) will come to contextualize their films in masterclasses about their work processes.

This year, the Family Film Project Film Festival will have, for the first time, an extension program at IRI. This advance extension of the program in partnership with IRI will include a session dedicated to photography with the projection of the Israeli documentary Photo Farag; a mini-film dedicated to Dutch director Tom Fassaert, winner of last year's Family Film Project, with a masterclass from the director and screenwriter of his long-running feature films An Angel In Doel (2011) and A Family Affair (2015); and a film session dedicated to the fiction genre, with the replacement of six short films selected by the Family Film Project between 2014 and 2015.