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ROAZ - Autonomous Surface Vehicles

The ROAZ Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) research program, focuses on marine robotics systems, namely design issues in surface autonomous robots, navigation and control problems (...)

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FALCOS - Autonomous Aerial Vehicles

The FALCOS UAV systems are developed for low altitude, mainly civilian applications such as forest fire prevention, security, environmental monitoring or aerial imagery. (...)

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ISePorto Team Project

ISePorto Team is part of a LSA-ISEP robotic football initiative and is designed for participation in Robocup Middle Size League (F2000). (...)

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LSAVision - Real Time Robotic Vision

This project addresses the development of real-time computer vision algorithms and techniques suitable for robotic perception tasks with low computational and energy requirements.

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LINCE Rover - Land INtelligent Cooperative Explorer

This project concerns the research on ground mobile robotics for cooperative exploration. Issues on the use of multiple autonomous coordinated robots to perform missions (...)

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SEATS - Structured Environment Autonomous Transportation System

This project addresses the issues related with the use of autonomous systems for transportation in structured environments such as urban areas or industrial facilities.

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