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Master in Electrical Engineering - Power Systems

MSc: 2 years   ( 120 ECTS units ) Europe 2020   strategy is strongly commitment to address energy sustainability and climate change. Increasing energy efficiency and the production of renewable energy by 20% are two objectives that rely on electrical engineering solutions. But power systems will also lead advances in many other sectors. With the MSc in Electrical Engineering - Power Systems, ISEP specializes engineers in intelligent energy, electrical grids automation, sustainable production technologies and high power installations design. The course follows international trends, devoting special attention to the challenges and opportunities of liberalized markets and such topics as electric mobility. Focused on developing structural analysis and innovation skills, the programme also covers entrepreneurship and project management skills, in order to ensure an integrated perspective of the technological, economic and environmental aspects that support more efficient, reliable and sustainable energy solutions. The course has a strong practical component, which includes the analysis of case studies, seminars with industry experts and applied research activities. Students can develop their final project in an industrial environment or research group. Schedule Students can choose between daytime and evening classes. Daytime Schedule: Monday to Friday, 14:10-21:00 Evening Schedule: Monday to Friday, 18:10-23:30 Partnerships In recent years, students developed their final project in companies like   EDP ,   Efacec ,   Magnetic Fields ,   Schmitt+Sohn ,   Siemens ,   Energaia   and research groups such as   GECAD ,   CISTER   and   CIETI , among others. Double degree protocols with the   Polytechnic University of Madrid ,   Mackenzie Presbyterian University   and   Federal Technological University of Paraná . Partnership for joint thesis with the   University of Deusto . International Year of Light Watch the   official video of the International Year of Light   and learn more about the importance of light and lighting technologies in   www.light2015.org .


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Número: 6359
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Power Systems Planning and Operation 1st Semester 8.0
Optimization and Decision Methods in Power Systems 1st Semester 8.0
Distributed Generation and Sustainability 1st Semester 8.0
Project Management (optional) 1st Semester 8.0
Energy Management in Buildings (optional) 1st Semester 8.0
Special Electrical Machines (optional) 1st Semester 8.0
Financial Analysis and Investment Management 2st Semester 8.0
Electric Mobility 2st Semester 8.0
Control Systems and Power Electronics 2st Semester 8.0
Special Electrical Installations (optional) 2st Semester 8.0
Service Quality in Electrical Power Systems (optional) 2st Semester 8.0
Intelligent Systems in Electric Power Systems (optional) 2st Semester 8.0
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Energy Markets 1st Semester 8.0
Preparation for Dissertation/Internship 1st Semester 15.0
Enterprising and Innovation (optional) 1st Semester 8.0
Integrated Management of Security, Quality and Environment (optional) 1st Semester 8.0
High Voltage Protections and Systems (optional) 1st Semester 8.0
Dissertation/Internship 2st Semester 30.0

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