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Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Management and Engineering

Apart from a solid education in the distinct specific areas, where students are expected to master a series of technical, managerial and organisational abilities, the Industrial Management and Engineering Course also aims at developing personal leadership skills, at developing and/or improving the students¿ general conflict management skills and negotiation techniques, in order to improve their performance and efficacy.

Students are also expected to acquire a set of new competences, such as entrepreneurship, communication, assertiveness, group and interpersonal motivation, problem-solving, analysis, flexibility and quick-learning, development and assessment of change processes, strategic reasoning and critical thinking.

We pay special attention to the way concepts and knowledge are transmitted, so that students are able to anticipate their practical usage in real-life situations.


Acreditado por: 1 years em

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529 - Engenharia e técnicas afins - programas não classificados noutra área de formação
Número: 775/2011
N.º Despacho/Portaria: Despacho nº 3526/2008 (2ª série)
1º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Interdisciplinary Project I Annual
Industrial Organization and Communication Annual
Engineering Computing Annual
Calculus I A Annual
Electronics A Summer Semester
Physics Mechanics A Summer Semester
Thermodynamics A Winter Semester
Physics A Winter Semester
2º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Interdisciplinary Project II Annual
Calculus II A Annual
Manufacturing Processes Annual
Operations Management Annual
Enterpeneurial Management Annual
Productivity and Manufacturing Systems Design Summer Semester
Computer Aided Design Summer Semester
Materials Engineering A Winter Semester
Statistical Models A Winter Semester
3º Ano
Unidade curricular Período ECTS
Logistics, Distribution and Transportation Annual
Project Evaluation and Management Annual
Project Design, Organization and Management Annual
Interdisciplinary Project III Annual
Process Modelling, Analysis and Optimization Annual
Industrial Simulation Summer Semester
Quality Management Summer Semester
Process Automation and Robotics Summer Semester
Decision Models Winter Semester
Occupational Health and Safety Winter Semester
System Analysis and Data Base Technology Winter Semester
  • Given the interdisciplinary character of their educational path, those graduating in Industrial Management and Engineering can carry out a vast number of functions, either in the industrial sector or in the service sector, in large, small or medium-sized companies, namely:
  • Project
  • Project Evaluation and Management;
  • Project Setting up;
  • Production Systems Organisation and Project;
  • Business processes organisation and integration;
  • Computer Aided Project Management;
  • Process analysis and optimization;
  • System analysis;
  • Decision-making processes Modelling;
  • Process optimization, etc¿.
  • Consulting Logistics
  • Production Planning and Management;
  • Materials Planning and Management;
  • Storage and Inventory Management;
  • Transport and Distribution;
  • Industrial Management;
  • Technological Innovation;
  • Product Engineering;
  • Processes Engineering;
  • Industrial Engineering;
  • Maintenance Management;
  • Computer Integrated Production;
  • Automation and Robotics;
  • Information Systems Management
  • Ergonomics and Industrial Health and Safety
  • Industrial Health and Safety
  • Industrial Ergonomics;
  • Total Quality
  • Industrial Marketing

Entrance Exams:

(07) Physics and Chemistry

(16) Mathematics

Minimum requirements

Application grade: 95 marks

Entrance exams: 95 marks

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