Process Management

Beneficiary Entity: 503606251, POLYTCHENIC INSTITUTE OF PORTO Address: Dr. Roberto Frias Street - Postal Code: 4000-000 Porto

Application No. (Universal Code) 


Operational Program

 Operational Program Competitiveness and Internationalization


European Social Fund

Priority Axis

Strengthening of the institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and of the efficiency of public administration

Investment Priority

Investing in institutional capacities and the efficiency of public administrations and services at a national, regional and local level in order to preform reforms, better legislation and good governance

Operation Typology

Public Administration Training

Operation Typology

Public Administration Training


Operation Title

Public Administration Training

Contracting nature of beneficiary

Contracting entity according to the nº1 of the Articleº2 of the Public Contracts Code

The operation was the subject of an application to notice 03 / SAMA / 2016, Preformatted operation No. 3- subproject B - "Training for Organizational Improvement and Process Management", with code POCI-05-5762-FSE -000023, with an eligible investment of 102,147.60€, and corresponding FSE incentive of 86,825.46€.

The sole beneficiary of the operation is the Polytechnic of Porto Institute, in the Porto district, with 100% of the expenses incurred in the Porto district, at NUTS II - Norte.

Objectives to be achieved with the operation:

With this operation, P.PORTO aims to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and speed of the organizational processes, in response to the need to generate added value for citizens and companies, through the application of process management methodology. As well as developing an organizational culture and mobilizing resources for innovation and continuous improvement of the results achieved.

P.PORTO also aims to promote a culture oriented towards citizens and companies, promoting the provision of more flexible, agile and efficient services. Finally, the subproject aims to reduce the context costs of economic activity.

As a result of the implementation of this project, it is intended:

  • Develop working methods based on process management;
  • Structure the organization in the process management approach;
  • Reduce physical media;
  • Simplify information flows;
  • Eliminate activities that do not add value;
  • Improve response times and monitor processes;
  • Improve response times and monitor processes;
  • Improve internal and external customer satisfaction.

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