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About us


P.PORTO is higher education of excellence, but also a space of ideas and results in several areas where we make a difference. We are the engine of cultural transformation of the city, the region and the country. We seek to respond to contemporary demands, building bridges between the academic universe, professional practice and society.

We seek to ensure, in the area of formal education, the full employability of our graduates and postgraduates through a clear adaptation of our training portfolio to the needs of the business and social world.

We create strategic collaborative links with the surrounding economic fabric, in which we intervene to create concrete solutions to real problems. We collaborate and create critical mass, and we are an international community, the result of a strategy of cooperation in a network spread over four continents and with more than 300 entities

Our DNA: translating potential into advantages.

We encourage a culture of applied and innovative research, in irreverent and transversal training environments, guided by an eminently practical orientation.

It is not enough to be one of the best. It is not enough to be well positioned in terms of access. It is important to gain dimension in what really distinguishes us: a P.PORTO profile balanced between academic and applied knowledge and skills. Establishing partnerships and innovating actions. Nationally and internationally.


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