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Master in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental

Successful completion of the course curriculum is mandatory. The following competences must be acquired: General - Work independently on a variety of issues: gathering, analyzing and synthesizing information, developing a research attitude; developing ideas and arguments critically - Make effective use, in a variety of situations of: the ability to think and work creatively when problem-solving - Be critical self-ware and able to apply critical capabilities to the work of others - Develop a social and civic awareness, and capacities for social intervention - Have effective communication and social skills, including the ability to: work with others on joint projects or activities; show skills of team work, negotiation and organization, and also respect for deadlines; present work in an accessible and consistent form; have appropriate Information Technology (IT) skills Specific Be able to work independently and joint team activities on geotechnics and geoenvironmental subjects: - exploration, exploitation and management of geological, groundwater and geothermal resources; - ground engineering and earthworks, in soil and/or rock massifs - geological, geotechnical and geomechanical site investigations and geoengineering projects (e.g., blasting rock techniques, soil and rocks foundations, retention systems, tunnels and underground design, rock mechanics quarrying, coastal engineering) - technical supervision of geotechnical laboratories (soil mechanics, rock mechanics and materials) - environmental geotechnics: natural and geological risks, landscape recuperation design, decontamination ground and groundwater techniques, sanitary landfill ECTS credits required per scientific area: Matemathics (MAT): 5 ; Management (GEST): 4; Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Engineering (EG): 111


Número: 6360
N.º Despacho/Portaria: 12414/2008
Unidade Ano Período
Foundations and Structural Design 1 1st Semester
Applied Geomechanics 1 1st Semester
Applied Mathematics 1 1st Semester
Land-Use Planning and Management 1 1st Semester
Mineral Processing and Flowsheet Design 1 1st Semester
Underground Excavation I 1 2st Semester
Applied Geostatistics 1 2st Semester
Maritime and Fluvial Works 1 2st Semester
Geotechnical Site Investigation 1 2st Semester
Geoenvironmental Techonologies 1 2st Semester
Sanitary Landfills 2 1st Semester
Underground Excavation II 2 1st Semester
Financial Management and Human Resources 2 1st Semester
Ground Support and Restrain 2 1st Semester
Dissertation / Traineeship / Project 2 Annual

Degree in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental or legal equivalent