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ESMAE will have a new post-graduation


The School of Arts of P.PORTO will have a post-graduation in Drama and Argument, fruit of partnership with RTP and TNSJ

The Noble Hall of the National Theater of São João, in Porto, hosted the presentation of the new Post-Graduation in Drama and Argument of the School of Music and Arts of the Spectacle (ESMAE) of P.PORTO. António Augusto Aguiar, president of ESMAE, and Hélder Maia, director of the theater department of ESMAE, will attend the ceremony.

"It is an unprecedented training offer", emphasizes António Augusto Aguiar, it is part of the mission of ESMAE to offer, within the scope of the arts, an outstanding formation. "In the case of the performing arts, dramaturgy was absent", so it welcomes the partnership that is formalized tomorrow.

This course - a result of a partnership between ESMAE, Rádio e Televisão de Portugal (RTP) and the National Theater of São João (TNSJ) - will be coordinated by playwright Jorge Louraço. The first edition takes place in the 2018/2019 school year.

The Post-Graduation in Drama and Argument is destined to people with formation in theater, or cinema and audiovisual, or literature; and people with training in other areas, but with experience in the indicated disciplines. The course aims to contribute to the development of dramaturgy in the performing and audiovisual arts, both in the areas of theater, dance, performance, as well as the film, radio and television argument, and the script for new media and audiovisual production, digital games to interactive web content.