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STARTUP PORTO signs agreement with Invest India


Invest India is a benchmark for investors and the world's third largest startup ecosystem

The memorandum of understanding between STARTUP PORTO of Politécnico do Porto and Invest India, one of the largest startup ecosystems in the world, was signed on April 11.

Created in 2014, Invest India - National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency is a unique concept of collaboration between various areas of the Indian government and business, enabling and promoting good practices in entrepreneurship and developing new strategic partnerships that boost international investment.

STARTUP PORTO of Politécnico do Porto is a cross-cutting unit for entrepreneurship with the aim of hosting and developing a generation of companies, emerging products and disruptive technologies, that create real impact, nationally and internationally, through innovation and creativity, in a polycentric concept cooperation.

The partnership now includes the creation of synergies in the support and development of startups in their incubation / acceleration process, contributing to the globalization of companies and the growth of the economy. The memorandum provides a number of opportunities for collaboration, ranging from technology assistance, training exchanges and training on best practices and investment opportunities in strategic sectors, facilitating a network between partners and mentors. Once the cooperation frameworks are defined, this partnership constitutes a strategic entry into Asia and the Indian market, allowing the identification of local partners indicated for export or internationalization ambitions, as well as meeting with the leading experts from each sector of the market.