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Procedure for Special Access to International Students


The applications to Politécnico do Porto open Monday 13 May

The first phase of applications for International Students opens by Monday 13 May. The applications are aimed for students holding a high school diploma, who are not Portuguese nationals or from European Union countries.

The first phase of applications for 1st cycle courses (degrees) runs until June 14, by filling an online form available at Portal of P.PORTO. Those are ruled by the International Student Access Regime.

Applications are accepted for those who hold undergraduate degree within the vacancies established for each school / course listed here.

1st stage: May 13 to June 14
2nd stage: 1st to 26th August
3rd stage: September 23 to October 4

Applicants: those who hold a qualification that grants access to higher education, understood as any diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority in the country of origin, attesting to the student's completion of an educational programme that confers them the right to apply and enroll in higher education in Portugal.

Applications for Music and Theater courses of ESMAE, School of Music and Performing Arts require the Aptitude result, in the specific entrance exams, in the year of the application, a specific condition for admission to these courses.