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Portugal Tourism Minds Demo Day Virtual


On October 29, at 3:00 pm, attention will be focused on the virtual pitch of the teams from the Portugal Tourism Minds program at Startup Porto

The Portugal Tourism Minds Program of Startup Porto, the entrepreneurship program of the Polytechnic of Porto, was created to respond to the challenges of sustainable development of the tourism ecosystem, the digitization of processes, the optimization of operations and new business opportunities, and the strategies for organizing and managing tourist destinations.

The Portugal Tourism Minds program revealed an increased responsibility due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, which still causes high stress in the tourism sector today. A situation, which was felt throughout the entire process, determining that the Demo Day dedicated to the presentation of startups, be carried out in virtual format, through the Zoom platform, instead of face-to-face mode, as initially planned.

In this context, an MVP prize, in the amount of 2000 euros, will be attributed to the team responsible for the best business project, according to the evaluation of the jury, provided for in the Regulation of the Tourism Minds Program.